Hello There

Hi! Welcome to my website, the home of my illustration work. Here you can see the children's books, posters, jigsaws and Calendars that I create for different publishers. Thanks for looking. Stephen

My Latest Work

26th September. Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar 2014  Hello! Here is my latest artwork for this years Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar. Thanks so much to Simon and Charlotte at Divine and Kathryn S for making this really fun project happen again!  You can buy your calendar from Divine here www.divinechocolate.com/uk/shop/christmas-chocolate/divine-chocolate-advent-calendar  or from most Fairtrade websites and shops.

11th May. Hello! I am now working on Pop-Up Atlas number 3 with Templar Publishing! It is the follow up to ‘My Pop-Up World Atlas’ and ‘My Pop-Up City Atlas’ which you can see in my Children’s Books section. It will take around 8 months to create all the illustrations as there will be around 200 pieces of artwork to draw and paint! I am looking forward to working with the very clever pop-up engineer Andy Mansfield and the brilliant author Jonathan Litton. Here are some of my new pieces of artwork below.

3rd April. A BIG THANK YOU to Marya Aftab (aged 10) for her wonderful review of ‘My Pop-Up City Atlas’. Marya is from Little London Community Primary School in Leeds. 'This book is really informative because it gives you a lot of information about cities in a fun and accessible way. It is interesting to find out what people do in different cities and this book looks at historical as well as geographical contexts. My Pop up City Atlas is really good because it has quizzes on different pages which encourages you to look through the book to find the answers. The pop out pictures are awesome! I really like the way the cities are categorised, for example Religious cities, coastal cities and historic cities- you find out so much more than just visiting one country. The pages are interesting and colourful - it makes me want to read it!’

2nd April. Here are some words from Jane Dignum at Kippax Ash Tree Primary School in Leeds, following my recent visit. 'Stephen visited our school over three days, starting with a whole school assembly during which he introduced himself, described his work and displayed many examples. The children were fascinated and full of questions. He then worked with children in both Key Stage 1 and 2, showing them how to create characters from various starting points and encouraging collaborative work. The workshops had a great impact on the children and the staff were able to build upon the experience for weeks afterwards. Even children who lacked confidence had no problems creating the artwork and more able children were given the freedom to experiment. Everyone found the experience very positive.' J Dignum, Kippax Ash Tree School