Hello There

Hi! Welcome to my website, the home of my illustration work. Here you can see the children's books, posters, jigsaws and Calendars that I create for different publishers. Thanks for looking. Stephen

My Latest Work

10th August. Here’s my latest drawing, which is of the beautiful Malham Cove in North Yorkshire. I’ll be doing some signed prints soon, once I’ve added some colour. See a larger image here https://twitter.com/SWIllustrator/status/895409899236188164

1st August. Finally I am happy to show my finished colour ‘Site Map’ for Giggleswick School. Thanks to Chloe, Jane and Tom for working with me over the last few months. It’s been a fantastic project to work on! You can see a larger image here https://twitter.com/SWIllustrator/status/892425275706880000

18th July. Outdoor artwork for Kirkby Malham School is finished! Thanks to all the super staff & pupils! This 2m x 2m outdoor piece of artwork for the school playground. See a larger photo here https://twitter.com/SWIllustrator/status/887359112975183872

12th June. Working on a pencil drawing for the Giggleswick School Site Map.  See a larger image here pic.twitter.com/GnHtPMGFJm Colour coming soon! 

Finished! The 3.5 metre artwork is now up in the hall at Clapham Primary School in North Yorkshire. Thanks to all the great staff and pupils!…and thanks to Matthew the Headteacher for organising this collaboration.

Final artwork being fitted to the blank archway in the school hall.

Colour artwork is almost finished here…..the children’s self portraits and wildlife are the final touches to be added now.

Starting a 3.5 metre drawing for an archway hall space at Clapham Primary School in North Yorkshire. Colour is next!

1st May. Large colour artwork ready to leave the studio. This one is going outdoors and has three layers of varnish on.