Hello There

Hi! Welcome to my website, the home of my illustration work. Here you can see the children's books, posters, jigsaws and Calendars that I create for different publishers. Thanks for looking. Stephen

My Latest Work

Showing one of my favourite drawings of lots of New York Buildings for ‘My Pop-Up City Atlas’.

Here I am showing the process of how a pop-up Atlas is created. This is the ‘Skyscraping Cities’ rough spread created by the Pop-Up Engineer Andy Mansfield, who I worked with on the 3 Templar Atlas’s.

One of my favourite sights from last week. This is the Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque in Muscat, Oman, which is stunning against the night sky…..amazing colours!

Another of my favourite sights from last weeks visit to Muscat, this is the amazing Royal Opera House…..they polish the marble floor everyday!!!

Lots of new and exciting characters appearing this week on the giant rolls of paper we put up in the library corridor! Super artwork ABA pupils in Muscat….well done!!

ABA pupils drawing and creating their own characters.

12th October. I’m very proud to present my illustration for the 2018 Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar! Celebrating 20 years of Divine Chocolate! Thank you to the wonderful people at Divine for working with me for the last 12 years! I’m now working on next years design already!!………….. 

They’re finally here after a year of waiting since I finished the artwork!  This is my 11th Advent Calendar illustration for Divine Chocolate! 

9th July. Here’s my 3m x 2m ‘World Map’ artwork finished and delivered to Northway Primary School in Liverpool. Thanks to all the pupils for their amazing individual artwork and to the staff for their enthusiasm over the past few weeks!