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Hi! Welcome to my website, the home of my illustration work. Here you can see the children's books, posters, jigsaws and Calendars that I create for different publishers. Thanks for looking. Stephen

My Latest Work

March 2016:  Here are 3 pieces of artwork for Brabin’s Endowed Primary School near Preston in North England.  Thanks to the pupils for all their hard work and great artwork….and thanks also to the Headteacher Rachel for organising the collaborative workshops. 


Best Wishes from Stephen :-) x

Here’s the NEW delicious Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar! Get them while stocks last this weekend before Tuesday 1st December!

Here are all 8 Divine Chocolate Advent Calendars which I have illustrated since 2008! It’s been such a fun job to work on!  You can see them here. This years is in the bottom right hand corner…or you can see it larger above or on my Twitter page here. Today I am actually drawing next years Calendar already!! 

Thank you to the wonderful team at Divine Chocolate! 

Hi, here are a couple of quotes from recent school visits:Debbie Midwood Deputy Head at Seaton Academy in West Cumbria:‘I keep looking at their drawings and thinking how well the children did and for some of them it’s the most confident free flowing line drawings they have ever done!’

Rose Hall at The Glebe Primary School in Stockton-On-Tees:‘The children are still talking about your visit and I have seen work ongoing around school while classes work to finish the stories using the artwork they created with you. There has been quite a buzz! The staff have also said that they would never have considered using children’s own artwork in this way as a starting point for creative writing. They feel that it has been such an exciting opportunity for boys to give them much more freedom of choice in how to begin a piece of creative writing. Of course, this is one of our areas that we are hoping to improve on and your visit has certainly given us a way forward.’Once again Stephen, many thanks for all your hard work. We would certainly recommend you to other schools.

Joyce Botham at Sutton On the Forest Primary School in York:‘Stephen visited our small rural school during our book week and the children are still talking about it, there was a real sense of awe and wonder in and around school during his visit. His brightly coloured, animated illustrations are inspirational and their impact on our children`s work was amazing.’

28th Oct.  Here is my latest artwork for Lockington CE Primary School in East Yorkshire.  All 42 pupils created two portraits of themselves which are around the edge and around the playground.  Julie Cattle the Headteacher wanted to feature the school which was rebuilt after a fire many years ago and have a sense of positivity and togetherness…plus featuring some of the schools Christian Values.  Lockington Primary is ‘The little school that makes a BIG difference!’  and I would say that it’s a little school with a BIG heart!  Thanks to Julie and Angela and all 42 children!

25th Oct. ‘This is Our Globe’ a collaboration with the Year 5 & 6 pupils at Bishop King Primary School in Lincoln.  The children created some outstanding artwork around a global environment theme and life on our planet.  It is 2 m x 2m and is now in the school hall.  Thanks to everyone at the school for their enthusiasm and positivity.  It’s been great fun! :-)

Very Proud of this years DIVINE CHOCOLATE FAIRTRADE ADVENT CALENDAR!  The illustration usually takes me around 4 weeks from start to finish.