School Visits

I have been visiting local schools in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire for almost fifteen years to work with children from different backgrounds and levels of ability. I have experience in delivering talks and workshops to any year or key stage.

I offer the following:

An assembly talk or talks to individual key stages or classes about how I became an illustrator and author and what inspired me when I was very young . Plus I show my process of developing characters from rough sketches through to colour artwork and the final books. As well as showing posters, jigsaws, cards and original paintings.

I have many projects to suit different years. Some of the projects involve character invention, storyboarding and mini-books, others involve large display artwork where I create the landscape backgrounds for the pupils characters and creations. Click on the pictures here on the right to see some examples.

Please e-mail if you would like any further information on these talks, and workshops. All activities can link with the curriculum and class themes.

Morley Arts Festival

Artwork created by children of different ages (2m x 2m)